Milkman Bibs

Milkman ... delivered to your door

Once said, when the milk’s involved, magic happens. We derived our product inspiration from the 1950s when the milkman would deliver fresh milk to your doorstep. Cute milkmen no longer deliver milk to your door, however, get excited about the everyday bib that is super absorbent it's designed to withstand a ½ cup of liquid while keeping little one dry.

Some Directors have told us these have been the best bibs they have used in care. Long-wearing protecting little ones from damp. Organic front, so gentle and absorbent at the same time.

  • long wearing with water resistant backing that keeps them dry
  • 2 sizes for use on babies and toddlers
  • behind the neck snaps to avoid "overhead drama"
  • soft cotton trim to avoid neck rashes
  • organic cotton front for gentle lippy clean ups
  • easy clean. suitable for washing machines
  • quick dry. suitable for tumble dryers

Design note : It took us a year to find the right organic fabrics for this product. In fact to start we couldn't, so we sourced raw cotton to produce the right kind of absorbent towelling front and then dyed it up before we making... that's how much we care about the products we make. 

Coming soon / July 2021 / navy, copper & olive...for modern mealtimes.


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