Why Polar Fleece makes an excellent mattress/bed protector.

Sounds crazy but a year ago we had a bad flood. Weather was terrible, road and airports were closed and there was so much rain. Water came through our Jam Berry office. All computers were lifted. Fortunately, our stock was safe, but we had some mopping up to do.

I went through so many mops and towels. Then in sheer exhaustion and desperation I grabbed some fleece blankets we had out from a photo shoot. I was couldn't believe how well they worked. 

They were the answer to my mopping. Once wet, they sucked up liquid, making them a perfect choice to wick away moisture. 

This experience got me thinking.....

Well all love the crisp coolness that cotton sheeting provides, but in cooler months the they are too cool for comfort. The mesh stacker beds are so airey and they allow cold air to blow underneath the bed, and the mats are covered in the cold vinyl....someone get me a heater!



I have tested them for absorbency. Super Practical.

Plus they can be used without sheeting. Highly useful.

If you buy any cotton sheeting or Linen Packs, we will give you a 55% discount on fleece bottom sheeting. RRP 16.95 with sheet 7.63.

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