The Story of how I designed the Milkman Everyday Bib by Sherryn

The Everyday Bib Narrative

by Sherryn. Bib maker!


When we looked at bibs on the market, we instantly knew what to avoid and the first things was to make it easy to put on. Babies and toddlers resist, close their eyes and shake their heads with the ‘over the head’ bibs for good reason so we added snaps in two sizes making it suitable for a wide range of babies in care or siblings at home.


The cotton trim on each bib was selected because its 100% cotton and soft on necks. We know that when babies dribble, it often gets collected in their neck rolls – adorable – so we need the trim to be soft to avoid any neck rash, and we all know how quickly that can happen with wet necks.


Soft organic fabrics are expected if a product is to be of high quality for infants today. The Everyday bib is no exception. Our fabrics took a few years to get right because we wanted super soft, super absorbent, super organic & 100% cotton. If you counted how many times a day you used the bottom of a bib to mop up little red lips, wet chin, and a soft neck it could be dozens, so you got to do it with the right fabrics and the bib is perfect for this.


How do we keep the babies and toddlers dry? With a nylon backing. But watch out, I have seen bibs with plastic back and while these will keep them dry, they will also sweat, and sweats lead to rashes. The backing protects against moisture. And while we were thinking about this, we also thought about the placement of our Milkman label.  Interestingly, there were few spots suitable in my mind. We see labels at the bottom, but if you use the bottom of the bib to touch a baby’s face, the label could be scratchy. Also, too close to the neck, it can be irritating. So even the labels have meaning and purpose.


Whether you are an educator or a mum, your time is precious, so ease and efficiency is essential to making it through the day.  The everyday bib soaks up a lot of dribble, so they need to be suitable for warm washing. The bibs are also colourfast so even at a warm 40 degree wash their colour will endure while all the days drool is eliminated. If necessary, they can be tumble dried making them super quick to launder. You will not find any sticky Velcro on any Milkman products because quick laundry is impossible to achieve if you need to pull apart Velcro tabs when folding.


This is the bib for care and home. It does the job. It is the right size. It both protects against rashes and captures the drool. It means less changing and washing, faster laundry time and happy kids.


Price wise, we sit in the retail space of $7.95-$8.95 each if you compare quality bibs, but we make it and sell it straight to educators who buy in bulk so I thought “I can do better than that”. We retail for $6.95 and always give educators 10% off, bringing it down to $6.26 including GST!

The reason we share this narrative, to show you all the time, decisions and considerations taken into developing a product that is sold for less than $7! And we have designed it to last, and it comes with a 12 month warranty.



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