Barnardos NZ: Good people doing good things

Barnardos is known in Australia for its contribution to family services. In New Zealand that are the No1 social service charity who also operate 24 Early Education Services.

Jam Berry product are available in New Zealand, and whilst at a recent Early Education Conference in Auckland, we met with Barnardos NZ in Wellington. Beautiful, socially minded professionals who truly have the interests of NZ kids at the forefront of their day – everyday. Here is what they had to say:

"BARNARDOS has been doing more to educate and care for New Zealand children since our first centre opened in 1972. We now have services right across Aotearoa that have helped thousands of children reach their potential.

We know that early learning starts children on the right path for the best possible life outcomes. We recognise that every family and child have different needs. We also celebrate the diverse communities we operate in, providing experiences that reflect the values of whanau. Our teachers are committed to delivering high-quality learning experiences for all tamariki."

NZ Barnardos Early Learning Centres in New Zealand by Numbers

  • 1,799 under 5’s enrolled in Early Learning Centres
  • 1,971 under 5’s enrolled with home based education

Early education is a highly impactful industry to work in. Be proud.

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