About Us

By 2003, Sherryns’ two little girls started at a lovely childcare centre just 1-2 days a week. The centre was walking distance from home, passed through a playground and around a lake. ‘I knew this time with the girls was precious and passing quickly’. The child care centre asked parents to supply linen and a drawstring bag ‘it was all very specific, so I set about sewing something super-cute from left over materials’. At the time, we owned a publishing business and I was working part time, however I soon realised there were not any reputable linen suppliers for the child care sector.

Our centre was always fundraising, ‘I was buying lamingtons and raffle tickets and thought, if only they would fundraise with products we actually need’. Jam Berry was initially born with the parents in mind, however by 2007 we had large orders coming from childcare centres around Australia.

      Sherryn (JB Owner) & Daisy on a quick photo shoot 

Fast forward 14 years.  We are excited to be supplying all the big-kahuna groups in Childcare, the well-known land marks like Capital Hill Early Childhood Centre at Parliament House, private schools, independent centres, family day care and occasional care. We love speaking and emailing with Directors across Australia every day. Each centre has a story. We have commiserated with Centres that have experienced loss and grief, and yahooed with centres growing and renovating.

We strive to create the best childcare linen in the world. At Jam Berry we do this ethically and joyfully.


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