Occasional Care

The ideal solution is to provide and launder your own linen. It can be difficult and take time to get parents to bring along exactly what you require. Ensure you let your parents know that this is a service of value that you are providing for them.


Family Day Care

Here you have options. Parents come to you looking for a more intimate caring arrangement and are more likely to bring the items you ask for. We love hearing from FDC providers, especially when they have kids are on their laps as they order linen and hats. Kids feel special in choosing their preferred colour, and get excited when it gets delivered.

CASE STUDY - Gen’s Childcare in Bondi Junction orders a Deluxe Pack that includes a sheet set, blanket, bag, pen & bucket hat.



Budget Conscious Centre

It will always be a challenge to reach exceeds all standard of care while on a tight budget. Parents attending these centres often don’t have spare funds for extras, and many have little time as they are working.

With linen, you can meet these NCAC standards by supplying & washing your own bottom sheet. Ask families to bring a blanket from home that can be stored in their day bag. Ensure you specify the size of the blanket to avoid getting extra-large blankets. Ask parents to add their child’s name to the blanket or offer to do this for them.


High Level of Parental Involvement

We all love parents that want to get involved and have time to volunteer. At these centres you can buy the linen you really want and hand out at the time of enrolement.  Charge parents for the linen, but given them a colour option.   

Parents will love that you have them organised including the fabric marker pen and sheet bag, and kids will love that they have something that represents they are big enough to go to kindy. Jam Berry includes fabric marker pens for labeling, so at the end of the week the parents can take the linen bag home for washing.

CASE STUDYMulberry Tree Childcare have 17 child care centres in Western Australia. They decided their ideal linen would be a Mini Me Pack - stacker bottom sheet, fleece blanket, sheet bag to store it all, textile marker pen to add the child’s name.

They let parents know this is their linen policy, and the cost is added to their families account. Parents have the option of Pink Starburst, Green Diamond or Blue Cross upon enrolment. The linen hangs on hooks during the week. In the smaller centres, each room has a washing day for the 90+ centres, the parent has the responsibility of washing their linen weekly.

Mulberry Tree order in very large volumes to their head office and distribute linen via Director Meetings. www.mulberrytree.com.au


Highly Cultural Centre

Language can often make the smallest of tasks difficult for parents. We often find newly Australian families have difficulty navigating the right linen to select, struggle with the internet and payment options.  If your parents come from a diverse range of cultures and have language challenges, I would suggest supplying the linen you require at your centre. For Budget Conscious centres that may be a single bottom sheet, and for more middle range centres it may also include a blanket and bag.

CASE STUDY –  Ekidna Cottage is a 46 place long day care centre in Artarmon, NSW. They have many beautiful families from various cultural backgrounds.  The lovely Director Isha orders Stellar packs in bulk from Jam Berry and offers the parents a choice of Blue, Green or Yellow when they enroll. Parents take the linen home, add their child’s name ready for their first day. The linen goes home with the child on their last day of care each week for washing. 



Traditional Long Day Care  

Here you have options. The key if for you to decide whether you want to take control of the linen and laundering for full efficiency or whether to give parents the responsibility.  With so many beds on the market, parents are often confused about the requirements for their child care centre. We see stressed- out parents each week who have left ordering to the last minute. Do them a favour and buy it for them, and pass on the cost.

CASE STUDYEngadine TLC Childcare Centre is a 39 place Centre in NSW. They use a form that Jam Berry created for them. It includes the exact linen they require for their centre and it gives parents colour options and a space for their credit card details. Parents complete this form upon enrollment and Director - Renae Kidd or one of her lovely team fax/email it to us. We send the order direct to the centre ready for the new family to start. As we do not have minimum order quantities, this is the perfect option for this centre. They don’t need to hold stock, incur costs, or wash linen.


Private School Child Care

There are more independent K-12 schools each year adding childcare centres to their grounds to cater for families with children at school. We have many private school customers that offer sheeting as part of their quality service. However, much like children bring lunch to school, it is quite acceptable to ask parents to purchase linen for their child. In some instances, private schools sell our linen in their uniform shop, while others refer their families directly to us using our Family DL flyer for the optional extras like pillow and blankets.

CASE STUDYHillcrest Christian College on the Gold Coast refers parents to Jam Berry website. They have a sample on display at the parent information night and hand out flyers marked with their requested linen for the stacking beds.


Elite Boutique Brand

Families looking for high end care expect that everything is taken care of. Full time corporate parents are often time poor and are happy to pay for a full-service centre offering the very best in amenities and programming for their child. Full linen fit outs are the way to go as these families are not interested in washing their own linen or making kids lunches. Parents appreciate value so it is worth pointing out to them the quality of products and services you offer.

CASE STUDYJam Berry has listened to the Developer, Consultants and Groups involved with high end care. We now offer a Jewel Tones Collection of cotton sheeting with 26 jewel tone colours. This has enabled us to completely customise linen and coordinate with Child Care Brands and centres.

Add to this organic blankets, and durable personalised unbleached calico bags, Jam Berry has the child care elite covered.




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