Laundry Tip Wash Weekly by using bags

Jenny & I speak with Early Education Director daily about their linen requirements.  So we know what everyone is doing and all the options on hand.  If you supply and launder your own linen, bravo - your parents will love that its all taken are of. We speak with parents too and they often don't even know the types of bed their child sleeps on at child care.

You can cut down on daily washing of sheets by using drawstring bags.

Step 1 - Add child's name to bag

Step 2 - Start of week, put freshly washed linen in the bag

Step 3 - Each day they child is present, the sheets get put on a bed. Keep the bag with their name next to the bed so you know which bed they sleep on.

Step 4 - Return bedding each day to bag

Step 5 - At the end of a week, wash everything....ready for next week

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